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Chaparral Truck, Car, and Pet Wash

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Professional Washing and Cleaning

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Chaparral Truck, RV, Car, and Pet Wash

At Chaparral Truck, RV, Car, and Pet Wash, we focus on running a professional vehicle wash at the highest standards. We want our customers to be comfortable and ensure that their experience is positive; hence, we do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives. In addition, we believe in our customers’ safety, so we use high-quality water and soap and an environmentally friendly deodorizer. 

Chaparral Car Wash has 8 standard self-serve wash bays, including four large bays with a 9 ft. clearance for bigger trucks. We also offer 4 RV wash Bays with 13′ 9″ clearance.

We are proud to provide you with the latest vehicle washing equipment to ensure that you get the best wash possible and leave with a sparkling clean vehicle.

Choose Chaparral Wash for all your vehicle washing needs!

Touchless Car Wash


A touchless car wash comes in handy when you have a busy schedule but still want your car clean and shiny. This computerized technology allows the application of soap and cleaning solutions without touching the car’s paint. High-velocity wash nozzles remove the need of using brushes on your car’s paint while ensuring the dirt and grime removal from your vehicle. Soft water with hot solutions is perfectly combined in a touchless car wash, and the results are extraordinary.

Coin Car Wash


Our coin car wash is perfect if you are looking for a cost-effective car wash. You will avoid the harmful effects of hard water and chemical deposits on your car’s paint and enjoy the magical benefits of hot soft water with industry-leading environment-friendly cleaning solutions. This latest environment-friendly technology will use the perfect amount of water and soap combination, providing you with a shiny, spot-free vehicle within minutes at the Chaparral coin wash.

Self-Serve Car Wash


Car enthusiasts know how to take care of their vehicles better than most. However, the essential thing in car care is regular washing and cleaning. First, you need to visit our self-serve car wash and witness a car-friendly environment. Then, cleaning your vehicle is pretty straightforward as Chaparral wash has 4 self-serve wand wash bays. Finally, busy motorists who are short on time will be happy to note that they can come and get their cars cleaned daily between 6 am to 10 pm.

Truck & RV Wash


Not every car wash allows trucks and RVs. Don’t worry when you have Caparral Car Wash at your service. We are spacious enough to let your trucks and RVs enter our premises and get a shine that can turn a few heads. Our mission is to provide the best environment for vehicles regardless of their sizes. We are well-equipped to ensure spot-free RV and truck wash services. We want you to be happy knowing that we have you covered whether you have a large truck or an RV to wash.

Dog Wash

Our Pet-wash Stations Includes

Chaparral’s Pet & Dog Wash

Our washing and cleaning services do not end with just your vehicles – cars, trucks, and RVs. Chaparral’s Pet & Dog Wash is a pet-friendly business that offers you 3 pet washing stations with a ramp for easy access for your pets. We also provide pet-friendly shampoos and conditioners, blow dryers, and aprons for you at our dog wash. We are as excited as you to ensure that your dogs and pets are always clean.



Additional Cleaning Options

Vacuum and Clean Dirt & Debris Inside Your Vehicle

Contactless Washing

Contactless Washing

Keep your vehicles shiny with our touch-free contactless car wash saving you time, money, and your car’s paint.

Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly

Enjoy the best car wash with our latest environmentally-friendly non-abrasive vehicle cleaning products.

Modern Equipment

Modern Equipment

Technologically advanced, modern equipment means you will clean your vehicle quickly without wasting water.

Extensive Cleaning

Extensive Cleaning

We go beyond just car cleaning. Chaparral Car Wash allows Cars, SUVs, Vans, Trucks, RVs, and Pets at our premises.


What Our Clients Say About Chaprral Car Wash

"Has great water pressure and a good selection of services. Pricing is $1 / 60 seconds for the wand wash. Would say this is a bit higher priced compared to some other places that are $1 for 75 or 80 seconds by Douglasglen area."
Mike H
"Visited this wash for the first time. As an avid car washer, I can sure tell the pressure and flow was ample and not weak like other washes that I have been to. Water was hot, and soap was very visible when spraying my vehicle. "
JCHI Home Inspection
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