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How Does A Touchless Car Wash Work?

How Does A Touchless Car Wash Work?

When working with a tight budget and time constraints, a touchless car wash or fully automatic touchless car wash sounds like the perfect way to get your vehicle cleaned. There are benefits and cons, though, as with everything. This article will describe touchless car washing and the procedure used to perform it.

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What Is A Touchless Car Wash?

A touchless car wash, also known as a fully automatic car wash, is a comprehensive cleaning solution for automobiles that utilizes water pressure instead of hand washing, manual spraying, or brushes. The entire process is fully automated, eliminating the need for you to exit your vehicle. A sensor guides you into the drive-through vehicle wash booth and helps you maintain the correct position for the cleaning process. The touchless car wash includes automatic operations such as rinsing, washing, soaping, waxing, and drying. If you’re in Calgary or looking for a car wash near you, consider the convenience and efficiency of a touchless or fully automatic car wash for a thorough and hassle-free cleaning experience.

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Process Of Touchless Car Wash

The process of a touchless car wash or truck wash typically consists of three parts. Additional steps or sub-steps may be added based on the package selected and the specific car wash. However, in most cases, wash selection, rinsing, and washing are the absolute minimum you pay for when going for a fully automatic touchless car wash.

1. Choose A Wash

There is a screen where you can choose the type of touchless car wash or truck wash you like and pay before you put your car through the car wash. Your vehicle could be washed elaborately with the addition of possible extras like multiple soap layers, protective coating application, tire gloss, and drying options. The cost of the car or truck wash will increase in direct proportion to your expectations.

2. Rinsing

The cleaning process in the majority of automatic washes begins with rinsing. A sensor directs you to move forward into the proper position as you enter a touchless car wash. The system then activates an automated robot to wet your automobile, rinse off any loose dirt, apply cleaning products, and then rinse them. While it is vital to rinse the car before washing it since doing so can help loosen surface dirt and make it easier to remove, this does not entirely guard against paint damage. Since rinsing is essentially a pre-washing procedure, most of the dirt that builds up on the car’s surface will not be removed entirely.

3. Washing

If a very simple package is selected, the washing phase of the procedure is typically the final step for the most fully automatic touchless car wash. The system activates an automated robot to apply cleaning agents, remove them with water, and apply any specialized or advanced treatments, including tire foam or liquid wax. The machine makes a spectacle by turning on and off different jets and sprayers while moving back and forth. However, the arduous job is ultimately done by the chemicals. Removing caked-on debris like bird droppings, bug spatter, or tiny dirt is impossible with a high-pressure jet. And these are just a few residues that must be removed with traditional scrubbing. Fully automatic touchless car washes increase the intensity of the chemicals used throughout the wash to compensate for lack of direct contact. When it’s finished, lights tell you to move forward while blowers emit a jet of hot, dry air. The step that poses the most significant risk to the paint on your car is this one. Using water under high pressure or using soaps with a high concentration of detergent can be dangerous.

Tips For Touchless Car Wash:

The following advice will help make touchless car washes or truck washes even more effective:

  • Before entering the touchless car wash or truck wash booth, lower the mounting antenna.
  • Since touchless car wash booths use high-pressure water, ensure the doors and windows are fully shut.
  • After the touchless car wash, make an extra effort to dry your vehicle physically. It will guarantee that there is no residual dampness.
  • To ensure maximum drying, slowly proceed as you get to the touchless vehicle wash’s dry blowers.
  • To avoid dust buildup, take your automobile to a touchless car wash facility at least once weekly.