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How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro in 5 Steps

How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro in 5 Steps

How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro in 5 Steps

The benefits of keeping your car clean include maximizing its resale value and extending its useful life. Using the proper methods during a touchless car wash, you can get a vehicle looking like new. This blog post will teach you the five steps to take during a self-service car wash to ensure your car is cleaned as thoroughly as possible.

5 Easy Steps To Wash Your Car

Follow these steps at a wand wash near you to keep your car in pristine condition:

1. Select A Cooler Place

When the weather is sunny, the water on your automobile will dry rapidly, leaving behind watermarks that can be difficult to remove.

2. Apply Soap And Water

Rinse the car with your hose at the self-service car wash, then fill a bucket with warm water and car wash detergent. Apply soapy water with a cloth or mitt. Spraying the undercarriage with the hose removes debris and salt and prevents hidden rust.

3. Dry

Avoid spots and streaks by proper drying.

4. Tidy Up The Inside

Remove the floor mats to get the vacuum nozzle under the seats. Use a microfiber cloth and mild soap to wipe the dashboard after mixing vinegar and water. Clean the windows with auto glass cleaner from a Calgary or nearby car wash.

5. Wax

Wand wash near you facilitates you with car wax that provides an additional barrier against the elements. Circularly apply with a damp towel. Use microfiber towels to remove the wax.


It’s best to give the cleaning sessions to the exterior and interior of the car at a Calgary or nearby car wash. It will help to avoid streaks and smudges. Following these procedures for a touchless car wash will allow you to wash your automobile like a pro with minimal extra effort.