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Chaparral Truck, Car, and Pet Wash

A Well-Equipped Fully Functional Car Wash Near You

At Chaparral Truck, Car, and Pet Wash, we focus on running a professional car and truck wash that operates at the highest standards. We want our customers to be comfortable and ensure that their experience is positive and that, ultimately, they leave with a sparkling vehicle.

Chaparral Wash has eight standard self-serve wash bays, including four large bays with 9 ft clearance for bigger trucks. We also offer 4 RV wash Bays with 13′ 9″ clearance.

We are proud to offer the latest equipment and highest quality products to ensure that you get the best wash possible and leave our location looking fantastic.

Choose Chaparral Wash for all your vehicle washing needs!

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Our ideal location in Southeast Calgary is open daily from 6 am – 10 pm, enabling easy and convenient access for you to clean your Truck, RV, or even Boat at our wash facility.

Your Car, SUV, Van, Truck, or RV will inevitably get dirty and muddied when you drive, especially when it rains and snows. However, getting your vehicle dolled up for the ride is also possible. At Chaparral Car Wash, we ensure that your automobile gets the best possible treatment.

Our facility is spacious, with four wand bays (2 vehicles per bay). We also have an on-site ATM and tap payment options for your convenience; and we accept Interac, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Cash at our washing facility. So you can trust us with your cars, trucks, and RVs. Our team is trained to guarantee that the task is done correctly. We provide fast, reliable, and high-quality services at Chaparral car wash. With any and every concern promptly addressed.

We want our clients to feel at ease, with an enjoyable experience, and that they leave with a clean car.

Chaparral car wash provides a suitable wash for you, whether you want a one-time rapid wash or you want your car to appear sparkling all the time. We offer fully automatic touchless car wash, coin car wash, self-service car wash, and truck/RV wash options.

With efficient rinse, tire shine, and liquid beading technology, you won’t find a more satisfactory vehicle wash experience than this one. Reap the benefits of our complimentary, mega-horsepower vacuums provided to all customers after your car service.

Do you have a pet, a dog that needs a thorough cleaning?
Don’t worry, because we also offer dog wash at our facility with pet-friendly shampoos and conditioners to ensure the maximum safety of your loyal companion.

Visit Chaparral Car Wash and turn a few heads with your shiny rides.

Our Auto Washing Services

Touchless Wash

Our fully automatic touchless wash involves no physical effort and is accomplished fully with the help of cutting-edge devices and technology.

Coin Wash

We use hot and mild water to remove any stains to avoid the building of residue and stains from the wash. Light water does not leave residue or stains since it has low mineral content.

Self-Serve Car Wash

Use a pressurized hose to remove the dirt and grime or nozzles to flush away the clogged muck in your vehicle’s tires.

Truck and RV Wash

Our cleaning stations are spacious enough for your trucks and RVs. Ensure to remove any crude elements for a smooth journey.

Pet & Dog Wash

We provide you with everything you need to make your dog smell fantastic. It lets you interact with your dog while leaving the mess behind.

We are a family-owned truck, RV, SUV, car, and pet wash providing vehicle and pet cleaning services to Calgary SE communities.